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We had a mold problem in our home and could not be more pleased with the work Certified did for us! They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, and thorough! Everything looks great! We highly recommend them if you have mold problem!

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Mold Removal & Remediation Services
Allamuchy NJ 07820
Since 1995

Certified basement black mold removal and remediation services in Allamuchy NJ 07820

Certified Black Mold Removal Inc. is the oldest professional mold inspection, removal and remediation specialist company in Warren County NJ. We know mold remediation and removal services in your Allamuchy, NJ home can be a time sensitive matter. As a result, our company has been providing same day mold testing and inspection services since 1995. Our professional mold testing, inspection, remediation, and cleaning specialists are certified through the country’s largest assessment and detection training company “MICRO”.

Contamination issues can cause serious damage to your house or office. As a result, mold remediation and abatement services must always be addressed quickly in your Allamuchy NJ home. This prevents it from spreading and costing more for its remediation. This is why we always have a professional mold inspection and remediation specialist available to answer your important questions.

The first thing we need to do is determine why you have this problem to begin with. Determining the source of the damage and correcting it will ensure your mold removal and remediation problem will not return. Most mold removal companies do not assess this prior to performing your abatement services. If the source is not addressed first, your mold remediation project will be short lived. It will also be a very expensive lesson. One that you do not deserve! This is why you are utilizing our three decades of mold testing, assessment, and detection experience. So, you will not have to have this cleanup service performed a second time!

We are both licensed and fully insured with an industry specific environmental insurance policy. Certified Black Mold Removal Experts offers certified mold remediation, removal, and assessment services throughout Warren County NJ. You found us so you likely searched for mold removal companies near me in Allamuchy NJ 07820. Call now and have a professional certified mold inspection and testing assessment specialist at your home or office later today!

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Mold Inspection & Testing Services
Allamuchy NJ 07820

The first step to recovery is a certified professional mold inspection and mold testing assessment service of your Allamuchy NJ home or office. This is before we can start working on your Warren County NJ mold removal and remediation project. Your certified Allamuchy NJ mold testing and mold inspection specialist will first investigate the source of your abatement problem. He will look for and ask you about any previous signs of water damage. He’ll look to see if you have a functional dehumidifier in your basement. He will check the gutter system and drainage on the outside of your house. Basically, he will conduct a thorough investigation of your home or office.

Our company mold inspection and testing professional will utilize special tools during his assessment and detection process. He will use tools such as a moisture meter, infrared camera, swab samples and air sampling. The mold inspection and mold testing samples will be sent to an independent certified NACHI certified laboratory for analysis. These mold testing results will fill in the missing pieces that we can’t see. Knowing the airborne mold testing levels prior to beginning your mold remediation and abatement project is critical to its success.

As you can see, we take a scientific approach to remedying your Warren County NJ abatement problem. Not all mold is dangerous! Don’t let other companies scare you and your family! This is our mantra. Many other companies will try to put the fear of GOD into you. It is designed to scare you into a big remediation and abatement project. On the other hand, our professional approach is more like dealing with your trusted family doctor. Through mold inspection and mold testing services in your Allamuchy NJ 07820 house, we carefully evaluate your own unique cleanup situation. Then your specialist designs a customized mold removal and assessment plan that addressed your unique set of cleaning circumstances. This saves you money as we only do what is necessary while not leaving anything important out of the equation. If you searched for mold testing companies near me in Allamuchy NJ 07820 you should call us now!

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Certified Mold Remediation & Removal
Allamuchy NJ 07820

Our company black mold removal and remediation assessment professionals are the best. We have offered attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen, crawl space mold inspection, testing, removal and remediation services Allamuchy NJ Since 1995! Basement mold removal usually includes removal and disposal of wall, floor, and ceiling surfaces. Our company may need to perform cleaning of any your contents and cleaning the air in your basement.

Bathroom mold removal and remediation services are usually much like your basement. Attic mold removal and remediation can include insulation removal and abatement of the wood ceiling surfaces in the attic. A Warren County NJ Kitchen mold removal and remediation includes removal of your counters, kitchen cabinets, floor and ceiling surfaces. A crawl space mold remediation and removal include removal of insulation and professionally cleaning wall and ceiling surfaces.

Attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen and crawl space mold removal and mold remediation services in your Freehold, NJ home is different in every house. If you feel you have a mold inspection or mold testing need in your attic, basement, bathroom, kitchen or crawl space, you should call Certified Black Mold Removal Experts now. If you are looking for mold testing companies near me in Allamuchy NJ 07820 you can call us now!

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